Wordy’s Wisdom: Introduction

There are myriad blogs serving as a resource for English grammar or writing tips, so it was rather difficult creating a platform that will not only be unique, but useful…and hopefully entertaining.

With this in mind, the goal of Wordszilla’s blog is to be a fountainhead of original information for anyone that needs real-life solutions for their writing—in business, the collegiate setting, and everything in between. Wordy’s Wisdom plans to slightly deviate from the conventionally outlined “dos and don’ts” of writing and will aspire to provide insight that may not have been supposed or expounded upon before in other mediums.

The Quandary

One of the difficulties of hosting a blog—when your business is editing and writing—is that your writing style will be under an extremely intense magnifying glass. Grammar mistakes, vocabulary usage, ideas for topics…everything will be under scrutiny due to our business genre of editing and writing.

The thing to remember is that writing for a blog is different than writing business website content, a fiction book, or a college essay. Although Wordszilla is founded on professionalism, the Wordy’s Wisdom blog will have a more colloquial, personal tone that will hopefully enlighten and encourage interaction with readers.

Blog Post Rundown
Our plan is to post weekly on Mondays, with each week rotating these four categories:

  • Business Topics
  • Personal Projects
  • Interviews
  • What’s Up, Wordy?

Business and individual project topics will feature productive approaches in which you can improve your focus when writing and avoid static, mundane messages. Each entry will center around a specific business or writing project, drawing upon previous company and personal experiences with documents.

Example spotlights during a business topic week could include exemplifying website content for your psychology practice, learning how to keep outgoing business letters within the construction industry professional, or steps to follow while composing an instruction manual for computer software. Likewise, individual project topic weeks will gear towards subjects such as writing an attention-grabbing personal statement for law school or methods on how to develop well-rounded characters in a fantasy novel.

Guest interview posts will feature individuals from various occupational backgrounds in prominent positions within their industry and will highlight their opinions on the importance of writing and communication in business.

Lastly, “What’s Up, Wordy?” is the opportunity for readers to have their blog-related questions answered in a prototypical Q&A session. Any questions akin to editing or writing topics are welcomed, with the most notable being listed and answered in a post.

Reader Feedback

Interaction from readers is most certainly welcome, whether it is how our blog posts can be more informative, how we can improve on our weekly categories, or how our custom writing and copy editing service can better cater to your needs. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the post and leave a reply or email us at feedback@wordszilla.com.

Who’s the Author?

At this present time, all blog posts will be written by me, Luis D. Bonilla, the owner and editor-in-chief of Wordszilla, LLC.

A little about myself…I have earned a bachelor’s degree in English from Brigham Young University (’05) and have since held writing and editing positions for a couple of companies. Presently, while overseeing the day-to-day operations of Wordszilla, I am employed as an SEO analyst for OrangeSoda, a search engine marketing company based in American Fork, Utah.

I enjoy the challenges of writing and editing different styles of texts and assisting people with their personal written projects—the main sentiment behind the creation of Wordszilla.

And thus concludes the introduction to Wordy’s Wisdom. Be sure to bookmark our blog so you may stay current on the latest posts. Thanks for reading!

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