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Blam! A drunk driver carelessly slams into a car. Yelp! A bicyclist runs over a beloved pet’s leg. Yoink! An “entrepreneur” in Florida uses a copyrighted, New Mexico-based business logo for his company’s gain. Hordes of people search the Internet for attorneys and law firms each day for accidents—all of them faced with deciding their best option for legal advice.

After exploring dozens of websites, they finally come to your firm’s home page. It has a decent layout, good colors, and pictures of seemingly trustworthy attorneys and lawyers…just like most of the other sites.

What makes your message distinctive? Why should someone trust you with their case and their hard-earned money?


One tactic that will not separate your law firm’s website text is using written content from a template (usually from a Web designer). It actually surprises me how many sites feature the exact same message describing the law firm’s qualifications—from the same city no less!

How are prospective clients supposed to develop confidence in your services if you have the same tired descriptions as other websites?

  • “We provide the highest quality legal services.”
  • “Every client is treated as if they were our only client.”
  • “We are second to none with legal experience and will get the job done.”
  • “We stay current on all [insert type] laws and are committed to our clients.”

I could go on and on. These types of regurgitated sentences will cause most Web viewers to zoom to the next website. Be novel and forthright with the descriptions of your services. Tell others exactly why they should come to you for legal advice and show that you care how your website embodies your practice.


If I were searching for a quality attorney, I’d want to know exactly how you would offer quality legal advice; is it one-on-one counsel or a team? I am interested in how many cases you’ve won; I would like to read something that makes you stand out from the competition.

Have you been practicing law for 30 years? Great, put that down. So, you’ve won the largest case in Los Angeles since 1994? Awesome, list that too. Your firm earned an award for excellence? Nice. Give me your firm’s celebrated accomplishments (but save the long-winded material for the ‘About Us’ page) that no other law firm can emulate. This way, your firm is unique to me and gives me the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ for my decision.


Having innovative descriptions and one-of-a-kind achievements depicted on your home page won’t guarantee greater conversion rates. (What can?) But, won’t you feel more confident in your law firm’s website presentation with text that is original and conforms only to your practice?

I’m not saying that you necessarily need a custom writing service or copy editing service to perform this responsibility, but you will need someone to spend time crafting Web content to suit your specific law firm. Just as you—as an attorney or lawyer—wouldn’t defend a client with generic counsel, don’t offer people common, copy-and-paste text that doesn’t adequately represent your value.

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