Writing a Unique Personal Statement for Medical School
“It’s Dr. Evil…I didn’t spend six years in Evil Medical School to be called ‘mister,’ thank you very much.”—Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)

Congratulations! You’ve arrived at the cusp of higher learning in medicine. But, before you can embark on the great task ahead, you must prove worthy to admissions deans and various academic panelists—you must write a personal statement.

You hear and read the extensive list all the time: be creative…be concise…don’t be lengthy…don’t use clichés. Great, you know what the personal statement should be like, but how are you supposed to produce this exceptional, grandiose piece of precision?

Get Personal

Although there are many ways to write upon a particular subject, there is only one you. Nobody else can write about your own personal experience or elucidate an experience with your distinctive insight. This is what can separate you from other applicants…this is your opportunity to demonstrate how you are peerless.

Show the admissions department why studying medicine means so much to you. Don’t simply tell stories that you think they want to hear, but declare what sparked your passion for the field and the reasons you will represent their school—and future patients—with dedication and respect.

Additionally, it could be beneficial to demonstrate the ways you feel you are qualified for the school and the medical field in general. Merely listing personal characteristics or abilities will not be enough to ‘wow’ your audience. Instead, give examples of empirical events that have shaped your identity and will allow you to excel in medicine.

Remember: You are the only person to experience your life and its lessons. Exploit this advantage that you have over every other applicant. Make certain to reveal your story’s significance to the field of medicine and, of course, your character.

Tie It Up

One of the most important things to accomplish in your medical school personal statement (or for any field, really) is to connect your personal anecdote or theme to the conclusion. Having the best introduction and story is a moot point if it is not relevant to or is conflicting with the closing statement.

Explain why your desire for medical school stems from your matchless experience of playing the didgeridoo with the Aborigines during the Vernal equinox. Depict how your extraordinary event changed your perception of yourself—of life—and why you will be an asset to their school and the community. Add clairvoyance that cannot be found on the Internet, but only through living what you underwent.

Check, Examine, and Change

Rewriting and correcting your personal statement is a must. It won’t be perfect on the first go-around. Have the grammar and writing center at your school read it over. Employ professional assistance for personal statement editing. Get a professor to offer his recommendations. Go over your personal statement until you feel it’s perfect…and then edit it one more time.

The deans or committee chairmen on the admissions counsel don’t know you personally. They haven’t gone out to lunch or shot a round of golf with you. The only glimpse into your personality and your mind that they have will be your personal statement. Detach yourself from the thousands of other applicants by doing something no one else can…be you.

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