What’s Up, Wordy? (Number One)

This first edition of “What’s Up, Wordy?” is somewhat of a test trial in that I haven’t decided on the number of questions I will regularly post or how off-topic I’m willing to go in regards to questions about written communication, editing, and writing.

For now, we’ll answer five questions from readers and those who have emailed me. Perhaps I’ll be able to expand to more questions in a month or two.

Q. How many people do you think read your Wordszilla blog? There doesn’t seem to be a lot of comments.
—Katy, CA

A. I do have various methods for tracking visitors to the website in general, and I have seen the number of visitors for the blog page, but I couldn’t say for sure how many were actual readers. I have received more and more spam email and comments, which, of course, I delete. Most of the comments are through email.

There are a handful of friends, co-workers, and acquaintances that read the blog regularly, but I couldn’t put a definitive number on it right now. With all of that said, I would guess between 10 and 20 readers.

Q. Do you [Wordszilla’s custom writing service] create any original content or do you only edit and rewrite copy?
—A-Mac, Midwest

A. For the time being, Wordszilla just concentrates on editing and rewriting services. The main reason for this is the challenge of figuring out a good balance between the time it would take to fabricate the text, the level of quality of the text, the complexity of the text, and the cost-effective factor for consumers.

I have taken a couple of special assignments which involve original content creation, but at this stage, Wordszilla will focus on the enhancement and professionalization of existing text.

Q. Do you really like what you do?
—Anonymous, AZ

A. If you are asking about Wordszilla’s editing and writing service, yes. If you are asking about writing the Wordy’s Wisdom blog, yes. For me, it is enjoyable trying to provide a service that I know will be beneficial and help people in general.

Additionally, aiming to provide a blog that, as far as I know, doesn’t offer conventional tips for writing brings me a sense of satisfaction (as far as a vocation is concerned).

Q. There are many copy editing service companies, and blogs in general, so what will separate you [Wordszilla] from everyone else?
—G., UT

A. I feel the most important thing to highlight about Wordszilla’s difference from other editing services is the consideration for exactness for all texts. Individuals who truly appreciate error-free text will really enjoy their finished product.

Moreover, I want Wordszilla to steer away from simply spewing out generic text or messages. One of the goals for Wordszilla is to provide clients with a genuine, thought-out revision of their text and not be a company that will get it done just to get it done.

Q. [Would Wordszilla] offer services to other countries?
—J.M., Not Listed

A. Yes, as long as the individual from another country realizes that we will use American English and The Chicago Manual of Style. I understand that there are variant uses and spellings of words, but as long as the client is fine with our services and policies, then they are welcome to use Wordszilla.


Thanks to those of you who were willing to ask questions. For anyone who would like to participate in next month’s “What’s Up, Wordy?” blog post, email your questions to feedback@wordszilla.com or make a comment at the end of any blog post.

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