What’s Up, Wordy? (Number Two)

We only have three questions to answer for this installment of “What’s Up, Wordy?” Hopefully by next month we’ll have more readers and questions. Otherwise, I’ll have to ask myself questions and that could get awkward.

Q. What is the weirdest company you’ve ever edited or written for?

A. I can’t actually say the name of the company, and I wouldn’t technically say it was weird, but I would have to say the most unorthodox editing project I have done (at any point in my career) was for a distributor of urn pendant lockets.

Basically, you put a picture of the deceased person on a locket and inside would be either some remains of the cremation or something else of sentimental value. Uhm…yeah.

Q. [Like one of the questions in C.C. Hunter’s interview], what annoys you the most while you edit papers?

A. Seeing superfluous capitalization at the beginning of words (or for an entire word) irks me. That and more than one exclamation point or question mark at the end of a sentence. Do you REALLY need To do THAT?!?!?!?!

Q. How would the holidays affect timing [the due date] for my copy editing service?
—Nancy T., NM

A. The project in question might be postponed a day or so, depending on your selected time frame. For example, if you ordered a 24-hour edit on the 26th of November, I guarantee you that it wouldn’t be done the next day on Thanksgiving.

Other than obvious holiday conflicts, you should have your project finished within your selected time frame. Wordszilla will let you know the expected finish date before you have to purchase anything.


Feel free to participate in next month’s “What’s Up, Wordy?” blog post by emailing your questions to feedback@wordszilla.com or by leaving a comment at the end of any blog post.

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