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I decided to not inconvenience anyone during the holiday season with interview questions (even though they don’t take too long to answer). So, I’m going to converse with my alter ego, Wordy the Wordszilla Dragon, and see what transpires.

Mostly, I’ll reveal the latest developments with the company (i.e., Wordszilla’s new affiliate).

The Goods

Luis Bonilla: Discuss the new business affiliate for Wordszilla found on the Working Relationship webpage. Does this change anything for clients?

Wordy: Wordszilla has formed an affiliate with New Shoe Media, which is a local website design company. Basically, if they have clients that are in need of original, start-from-scratch website content (that is also SEO-friendly), Wordszilla will offer to be the writers for their website.

The new content creation service is only offered through New Shoe Media, as Wordszilla’s main services—copy editing and custom writing—will remain the same. Wordszilla will continue to focus on professionalizing clients’ existing text; the complete fabrication of website text will only be offered as a part of New Shoe Media’s website design package.

LB: What is the difference between Wordszilla’s custom writing service and the writing that is being offered for New Shoe Media clients?

W: Wordszilla’s custom writing service for websites utilizes the existing content and ideas from the client and enhances, professionalizes, and completes the text. For this custom writing service, Wordszilla will not create an idea but develop the client’s innovation for the online medium—including suggesting keywords that are SEO-friendly.

The writing service for New Shoe Media will focus on clients who do not have any content ready or created, as they are having a website designed. For this particular writing service, Wordszilla will conduct an interview via email and determine the themes and goals for the clients’ website in order to create the website content (which also includes keyword focus and other SEO suggestions).

Because the content will be originated by Wordszilla (and will take more time to create), there will be a higher fee than what’s posted on Of course, New Shoe Media clients are welcome to use Wordszilla’s custom writing service or copy editing service if they already have content that just needs professionalization.

LB: Will Wordszilla ever offer 100% creation of website copy on its own?

W: If Wordszilla expands its workforce, yes. At the present time, however, we prefer to focus on the development of existing content as it is more manageable for the current writing staff.

Interview Summary

Becoming an affiliate with New Shoe Media will hopefully benefit those who need full-service Web design; previously, clients had to provide their own website content.

Do you have a business that you feel would be a great partnership with Wordszilla? Please email me using the address below.

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