What’s Up, Wordy? (Number Three)

I only have one really good question to answer this time around (I’ve been bombarded with spam comments and emails). Until questions from readers increase, I’ll probably just answer the best available question.

Q. What is the difference between your custom writing service and your ghostwriting service?
—Anonymous, USA

A. For those that want a more in-depth description of the custom writing service, you may visit our main website. Basically, this service is divided into two parts: a rewrite and full creation.

Wordszilla’s rewrite service is for those that have existing content and/or ideas, but need assistance finalizing or professionalizing their text. I would say it is an enhancement of your concept.

The full creation writing service works best for those that do not have anything developed and require ideas along with creative, customized text. The client doesn’t have to provide any information, and we will research and create the concept ourselves (although the client is more than welcome to provide ideas and insight). The writing projects that fall into this category are website text, blogs, online articles, product reviews, and other similar content.

Now, the ghostwriting service is geared toward books (i.e., non-fiction, autobiographical, self-help, etc.), articles, or other texts that will require extensive research and a verbal interview with the client, as well as other unforeseen specifications desired by the client. I, as the ghostwriter, will work more closely with the client to ensure that the project stays focused.


As always, comments and questions are welcome. You may leave them on this blog post below or email us at feedback@wordszilla.com.

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