Does Professionalism Cross Over from Print to Internet?

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I was talking with a colleague last week about how frustrating it is for me to be reading an article (i.e.,, a “professional” blog post, or anything else online that is written with the intent of being considered reputable and finding a considerable amount of errors or jumbled thoughts. It’s not only the fact that many online articles contain mistakes and are poorly written, but that people don’t seem to care that it’s happening.

You wouldn’t expect to read newspapers, magazines, books, or other forms of media with misspellings or broken English, so why is it okay for the Internet? I understand that basically anyone with an Internet connection can write and “publish” online articles and not everyone can clearly state ideas. And I’m not saying that I’m for the regulation of online material.

I suppose that I’m so used to reading articles from respectable sources (both online and in print) that when I come across someone trying to teach me something online but can’t convey the message effectively due to the ineptitude of basic English, then I struggle to take what is said seriously.

Am I the only one who feels like this? Should printed articles and online articles be read with different expectations? I’d like to hear your ideas. Leave a comment below and let me know how you feel about reading printed materials and online articles.

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