Common Errors on Business Websites

I read a number of business websites each day and I see the same types of errors over and over again. These typos or mistakes aren’t the end of the world, but they definitely lower the level of professionalism of the website. For a consumer like me, I’m turned off from the company when I find blunders:

  • Mostly found in the website’s footer, I find the misspelling of “copyright” as “copywrite,” “copyrite,” and other types of “rite,” which isn’t right.
  • I’m not a fan of a company that spells their name in more than one way, excluding abbreviations. Is it A1 Listings, A-1 Listings, A-One Listings, or A1Listings? (Note: This company’s name is completely fabricated, and I even checked for it on Google.)
  • It’s a good thing to have your complete address if you choose to include it on your contact page (or any other page). It really is. I don’t like when they leave out the suite number or zip code, especially if it’s a place I’m planning to visit. Oh, and if you move to a different location altogether, update your website’s address. This is very helpful to consumers and only takes seconds to do.
  • If you have a time-sensitive coupon, make sure to delete it or change it after your purposed expiration date. Having outdated coupons on your website lets your visitors know that you don’t care about them.

Long story short, if you are in charge of a business website, be sure to proofread your text or at least get a copy editing service to help you out. It can make a difference to your online presence.

So, my faithful readers (reader?), what are some errors that you come across on websites that make you scrunch your face? I’m always interested in what you have to say. Please leave a comment below. It’s free to do, and in this economy, don’t we need more free?

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