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When I graduated from college with a bachelor’s in English, many asked me, “So, what do you plan to do with that?” Well, I wasn’t sure exactly, but I knew that having a background that allowed me to sharpen my writing skills, develop my reading comprehension, and not have to take upper-echelon math classes would serve me well in whatever I wanted to do for a career.

I believe that writing skills (i.e., a major in English, Journalism, Humanities, etc.) can help you in many different types of occupations, as clear communication is a prerequisite for any company.

Using myself as an example, my full-time position with an SEO marketing firm doesn’t necessarily require a degree in English. However, my experience with writing has greatly helped me be able to quickly understand the relationship of keywords for search engines, writing content for the Internet, and so forth.

Below is a list of Web-related jobs that I feel an individual can excel in with a strong writing background.

  • SEO Content Writer: If you enjoy writing short articles or blog posts and can gear it towards particular keywords, perhaps this is something you would enjoy.
  • Website Content Manager: Being in charge of website content consists of keeping pages relevant, accurate, and up-to-date. Obviously, being able to write and edit the website’s content is invaluable to a company that wishes to sell their product or service.
  • Pay-Per-Click Analyst: Writing experience can help you be able to write short, effective copy for ads.

Have any other job ideas? Please feel free to write a comment below.

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