Global Scientific Editing Plagiarizes Wordszilla

So, we’re at it again. This is the second website that I found copying Wordszilla’s terms of service page (the first one being Well Written This company, Global Scientific Editing, took the liberty to pay homage the pirate way: by pilfering with no thought of consequences.Snippet Screenshot of Global Scientific Editing Plagiarism 07-16-09

As seen above, they took a lot of Wordszilla’s text word for word and simply switched in their company name. As with the other website that plagiarized my work, I have one question: What went through their minds when they copied the bullet point that says, “By submitting a document, you confirm that it is your own work and not copyrighted or plagiarized material.”

Honestly, what went through their minds? Someone please tell me. I have to know. The company claims to have “PhD level” scientists editing all submissions. Hey, here’s an idea. How about have one of them write up some new material. They should be smart enough to create some original content, right? I’m only a lowly bachelor of arts English major and I could do it.

So, would anyone feel comfortable enlisting this company to edit anything? I wouldn’t.

Just like the other website, I emailed them twice (two different email addresses) yesterday asking them to remove my content from their website, and as of this post they have not.

In any case, I will do everything I can in order to have Global Scientific Editing remove my content from their website; it’s the principle of the thing.

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