Well Written Copy.com Made a Poor Choice: Plagiarism

It has been said that imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but I think it is the greatest form of laziness as well. Let’s take Well Written Copy.com for instance.

I was doing some routine Web analytics as I do from time to time and noticed that the website “wellwrittencopy.com” has plagiarized much of Wordszilla’s content word for word (from my FAQ page and the Terms of Service page). This fascinates me in countless ways…I’ll touch upon a couple of them.

But before I do that, I just want to have on record that I saved a screenshot of their “Descriptions/FAQ” page for evidence (snippet seen below), as well as their page source code.

Screenshot of Well Written Copy on 07-16-09

(My “favorite” part not shown above: the genius who copied my text also copied a link pointing back to my website. If you click on the “Terms of Service” link found under the heading “Do you have a refund policy?” on their website, it will take you to Wordszilla. I couldn’t make this stuff up.)

Well Written Copy.com still has my copy displayed on their website (as of this post). I emailed them yesterday, demanding that they remove my content from their website, and I have yet to hear back from them (I emailed to their “editing” email address as well as filled out their contact form field).

But why even copy text from another website in the first place? Are they trying hard to live up to the “copy” aspect of their domain name? Obviously they thought that they wouldn’t be caught, but I even have a Copyscape icon on my home page. I check, people. I display the Copyscape logo because I use it. I narrow it down to these things: laziness and the lack of writing skills.

Additionally, wouldn’t this make you question the company’s ethics for their service? If they can’t even write the text for their own website, what makes you think they can write anything for you?

I had spent days coming up with original content for Wordszilla’s website and I’m not going to let this company/individual steal my hard work. In the emails I have sent, I demanded that they remove my content from their website by today. I’ll check their website tomorrow (Saturday, July 18th) and see if it is still displayed.

If they liked the way I worded things so much, they could have at least paid me to write something for them, right?

Until tomorrow….

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