Well Written Copy.com and Global Scientific Editing Plagiarizes Wordszilla: Chapter Two

Plagiarism of Wordszilla

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Still no reply from either Well Written Copy.com or Global Scientific Editing and both of their websites still proudly display my content as their own. Yesterday, I had emailed the legal departments of both their hosting providers (GoDaddy and eNom) and I am awaiting their response. Since it’s the weekend, I’m guessing I won’t hear from them until this upcoming Monday (July 20th).

I have spoken to a handful of friends and co-workers, all within the Internet industry, and have received some valuable feedback. One suggested I use this as an opportunity to create some buzz for Wordszilla, going to various social media sites and asking them what they would do in my situation. I actually will attempt to do so, as some extra traffic to the website never hurts.

I also updated my “Terms of Use” page (July 16th) to include a paragraph on plagiarism, as well as inserted a Copyscape icon for every webapge on the Wordszilla website (instead of just the home page).

What I plan on doing next is waiting for a couple of days for the hosting providers’ legal department to respond. If they cannot do anything to help me, then I will contact each major search engine informing them that these two sites have infringed on my rights of Title II in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It’s not like I want to be paid for anything, I just want my content off of their website. (If I will get compensated, then that’s the sacrifice I’m willing to take.)

Google, for example, has a great step-by-step webpage on how to file a notice of infringement. Again, this is a last resort, but one I’m more than willing to do.

I’m not sure that I’ll write another post about this, as it could get pretty old rather quickly. Nor do I want to sound petty. But, c’mon. A writing service and an editing service ripped off content word for word from another writing/editing service. If that’s not post worthy or the definition of irony, then I don’t know what is.

If you want to keep up with the latest, write a comment below and I’ll respond with the goods.

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