SEO Topics: Website Conversion and Anchor Text

SEO Website ConversionI have been not writing on this blog as often as I’d like to, but I have been getting some guest post action for the Internet marketing firm I work for, OrangeSoda. I am part of the SEO department and occasionally write for the company’s blog.

The two posts I wrote before 2010 discuss website traffic versus website conversion and the importance of anchor text for websites. An excerpt from the first blog post:

“While receiving a lot of website traffic is great, I feel that actually focusing on website conversions is the ticket to success. Whether you are offering a product or service, having a user-friendly website experience can bring positive results to the bottom line of your business.”

I’ll most likely link to other posts I’ve done during this year as content for Wordszilla’s blog. (Note: My posts for the OrangeSoda blog have been added on to in a few places by someone else; if a sentence doesn’t sound right, maybe it was their additions. And yes, that’s my disclaimer.)

SEO Website Conversion - Anchor TextLuis D. Bonilla
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