Objective vs. Subjective Elements of Writing

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Writing can be very difficult to judge, as many factors are subjective (what an individual thinks) as opposed to objective (independent of thought or individual preference, such as rules of grammar). In guaranteeing the quality of writing, it’s important to constitute exactly what you’re guaranteeing.

Objective Aspects in Writing

Writing questions that you can answer with with a “right” or “wrong” would be classified as objective. For example, having a period outside of quotation marks, typos, and other parts of sentence structure that are incorrect would be objectively incorrect.

These types of writing elements can be easily guaranteed, such as “we guarantee this article to be free of grammar mistakes.”

Subjective Aspects in Writing

On the other hand, items such as professional tone, interesting content, gripping dialogue, etc., would be classified as subjective. Items that people can argue, judge, believe, and have feelings one way or another for are harder to guarantee. Just like paintings, music, and other art-related matters, what is “good” and what is “bad” depends on the eyes of the beholder.

Remember What You’re Guaranteeing

I would stay away from guarantees such as “I know you’ll be 100% satisfied with our writing” or “We guarantee complete satisfaction with your article” because that is promising approval on subjective items. How do you know the exact tastes of the reader (your client)? Just because you or your writers feel it reads well doesn’t mean everyone will.

For this very reason, I made sure that we guarantee writing projects to be free of grammar errors, as well as follow the client’s directions of what they want written. It’s highly improbable that you’ll get everything right on the first go, which is one reason why I offer a free revision on writing services.

If you are careful to set proper expectations, then you will have a higher probability of happier clients.

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