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In August of 2009, I completed a self-help ebook titled “The Split-Second Strategy: Taking Command of Unexpected Events” and is available for free upon request. It took me many months to complete just because I did not have a solid block of time to dedicate to writing it. However, I’m pretty happy with the results.

Now, perhaps you have a great idea or story to tell and would like to create an ebook yourself. Here is a quick outline on how you can create your own ebook:

1. Flesh Out Your Idea

No matter your idea, it needs to be expanded with an outline of some sort. Some ebooks are created with various sections and some utilize actual chapters. However you decide to organize your book, make sure that you have enough “meat” to your ebook. This stage should be a major brainstorming section.

2. Create a Rough Draft

When I say create a rough draft, I mean a rough draft. Thinking of the whole ebook all at once can be pretty daunting, especially when you don’t have much written down. One of the biggest helps to me was just getting it out…basically jotting down ideas and little paragraphs chapter by chapter, section by section, until I had all of my main ideas out. At this point, it’s easier to go back and elaborate on the content you have written down.

For me, the rough draft stage was the longest, as I had about six different rough drafts. In fact, my final ebook was three ideas removed from my original topic. Creating a rough draft will help you realize what you really want the ebook to be about and help you focus your ideas.

3. Get Feedback

I had about three feedback stages after I had a solid first draft complete. I set up about 10 different questions I wanted answered for my particular ebook. After each feedback session, I would go through the responses and determine if there was a consensus or if some responses were just outliers.

Getting feedback is a great way to finalize your ebook, as you will definitely miss a few items while writing. Feedback will help you clarify your thoughts and ideas. (Just remember that the people giving feedback are critiquing your work, not you personally.)

4. Finalize Your Ebook

After you have enough feedback and incorporated their ideas, it’s time to revise the ebook one last time. Likewise, at this point, your ebook should be grammatically correct and error-free (especially if you plan to sell this on a website).

There are various ebook making tools and software out there, but you can easily create one yourself with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Make sure that your text is large enough to read easily and that the formatting looks pleasant.

Just One Simple Way

I just gave a pretty quick, simple guide on creating an ebook, but there are more in-depth guides out there that can provide you with a step-by-step process. And as I mentioned earlier, it took me quite a while to complete the ebook just because it was difficult setting aside enough time to brainstorm and write.

Of course, if you need help expanding your idea, writing your ebook, or editing your ebook, I know of a great little writing service that can help!

Create Your Own EbookLuis D. Bonilla
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