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In January of 2011, I chose to take my talents to Epic Marketing, a full-service advertising agency (for my full-time gig). Last month, I aslo wrote a blog post for the company about how SEO services by a full-service ad agency is different and can add more value by having a full scope of marketing experience.

Here is an excerpt:

“The majority of online marketing services does not or cannot provide the requisite, indispensable return on investment (ROI) information in order for you to make good business decisions…. This experience with other advertising mediums is valuable information when it comes to SEO, as it can provide data that is exclusive to a particular industry, demographic, and/or location and allow for better selections of higher converting keywords, better on-site optimization text (copy), and so on.” – Luis Bonilla, SEO and Full-Service Advertising: Overlapping the Goodness

If you’re interested in reading the full blog post, click the link above.

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