Do Spelling Errors Cost a Company Money?


Two years ago, I wrote a small blog post about common errors on business websites. I mentioned that when visitors see these types of spelling or grammar errors, it lowers the professionalism of the website and company as well as turns off customers.

Earlier this month, an online article in the BBC News projected just how much these mistakes can cost you. The article featured an analysis of an online entrepreneur that reported his online sales doubled after the incorrect website text was fixed.

Sure, this is an article from the United Kingdom and it refers to money in pounds, but it is safe to assume that spelling errors will also turn off visitors from the United States who use dollars…or those from any other country.

How is it that we can still have spelling errors with web browser tools and Microsoft Word? Why do we still have sentences missing words or paragraphs that contain incorrect grammar? Well, it’s because we’re human…but that shouldn’t be an excuse, especially when untold amounts of dollars are at stake.

Here is one way to help eliminate errors on your website:

  • 1. Write your website text or blog post in Microsoft Word (and utilize the spelling and grammar check tools).
  • 2. Leave the text alone and go do something else. Come back after an hour and read through your text.
  • 3. Have another individual (preferably an editor) read through and revise your text.
  • 4. Copy and paste the content from Microsoft Word into Notepad, Wordpad, or similar program to eliminate any hidden formatting code(s).
  • 5. Copy and paste the content from Notepad into your website’s content management system and save it as a draft.
  • 6. Have a second individual read through and revise the text before it is published and live.

This process may seem extreme, but doing so will dramatically reduce the chances of spelling errors and grammar mistakes. (Of course, you can always hire an editing service and save some time and resources…. End shameless promotion!)

Just as the BBC News article mentioned, there’s no telling how much revenue you could lose online due to spelling errors. But I think it’s best not to find out by having error-free website text.

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