When What You Write Really Matters

In a world filled with text messaging, text-to-speech devices, and video calling, it can be hard for teenagers and adults to have the desire to focus on their writing skills. However, there are many occasions when writing at a high level really matters.

1. Job Resumes

If you were a manager at a large company or even a small business, would you hire someone who had incorrect spelling, incomplete sentences, bad punctuation, and lack of syntax on their resume? I know I wouldn’t. Why? Because the resume reflects what kind of person I would be hiring.

A sloppy resume may suggest certain characteristics, such as: idleness, lack of passion, bad prioritization skills, or other incompatible character traits. A clear resume with proper syntax and punctuation can make or break your opportunity for an interview.

2. College Essays

When college essays and papers are written without care and precise syntax, most professors will draw one of two conclusions: you didn’t bother taking the time to properly create a rough draft and do proper editing or you lack the skills to do so.

Though you have spent countless hours on the research and thought processes involved with writing the paper, it may appear to the professor that you have not put forth the required effort overall. There’s no chance to “LOL” your way out of this reality.

3. Business Documents and Emails

Writing in the world of business has become all about precision and quality. With email as the most common form of corporate communication, the ability to write concisely is of the upmost importance. In the business realm, if your writing is misunderstood you will run the risk of losing sales or, in extreme cases, even your own business.

4. Advertising

Probably the most results-driven niche of writing is in advertising. Conveying exactly what you want your audience to understand or what action to take can be difficult. Being successful in advertising without adequate writing skills is like joining a collegiate swimming team and believing you could compete while wearing a life jacket. (Good luck with that!)

5. Websites

A website that is hard to read due to grammatical errors or unprofessionalism can prevent potential clients from understanding what you have to offer. If your content is full of spelling errors, missing words, syntax mess-ups, or other writing flaws, it is likely your clients will feel that your content reflects the quality of your entire business. Visitors may assume that your company is sloppy in its service, as writing can be an indication of your company’s brand or work ethic.

Despite what the media may say and how easy technological devices are to use, writing does matter. In fact, it might matter more to your audience.

Casandra J.
Wordszilla, LLC

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