New Ownership for Wordszilla

Today, I was able to finalize the sale of to Erika Potter, who served as Wordszilla’s content manager for the majority of 2012.

During the past year, I had been thinking about ending my involvement with Wordszilla, as life and other business opportunities have taken up more of my time. I feel it is wise of me to focus my efforts on a few projects instead trying to work on a dozen things at once.

Wordszilla started in early 2008 and has been fortunate enough to steadily increase (in traffic, sales, etc.) every year. I’m proud of the progress this website has made and grateful for the valuable experience I’ve gained because of this venture.

Moving Forward

I want to express my gratitude to everyone that has had a hand in helping Wordszilla over the years, including, but not limited to, Erika, Clint Hunter, Charlie Gray, Robynn Garfield, Casandra Johnson, Brandon Christiansen, Kristin Smith, Bryan Phelps, Claye Stokes, Alex McArthur, James Drennan, Nell Quinn, Christina Crawford, Megan Holdaway, Beau Stephenson, Kaela Worthen, Paul Keep, Casey Woolley, and Ron Barnett.

Lastly, I know that Erika will have great success with Wordszilla and continue to provide quality writing services for clients. She is highly talented and driven, and I’m thankful that Wordszilla will be in great hands.

Luis BonillaLuis Bonilla
Wordszilla, LLC

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