Writing: Communicating with Your Audience

Have you considered how important your application of writing is when communicating with your target audience? Writing is a very important tool when working to persuade, uplift, and inspire your potential and current clients. If adequate consideration is not taken when formulating your ideas in writing, too often you will send the wrong message, create the wrong feelings, and potentially ruin relationships. The written word has power to communicate with great detail if the proper amount of effort and attention are applied.

Why is Writing Important for Business?
Permanence: When communication is done in writing there is a sense of solidity to agreements, promises, and business.
Reference: Communicating through writing creates a “paper trail” that can be used as a reference for future business as well as a reference for current projects.
Legality: When carrying out business agreements such as sales, projects, or contracts, action takes place when there is a written form of the business dealing on record for both companies.
Translation: International business is becoming more and more common even with small businesses. Written communication helps software and/or paid translators ensure that your dealings are not misinterpreted.
Confidence: Your clients feel confidence in your products and services when they can read and understand in writing what you are selling them.
Basically, communication through the written word is trusted and given more influential power than communication done simply through speech.

When it comes to communicating with your audience through written communication, it usually occurs in three ways: advertisements, website content, and emails. The “hard copy” is becoming less of the norm and even not as needed in legal matters as before.

1. Advertisements
Writing in advertisements is and always will be one of the best ways to sell your brand. Even if your clients experience your advertisements through the TV as they read it on the screen, the multi-sensory stimulation caused by hearing and reading your message will help their brains to make connections that are not possible with just pictures and sounds.

2. Website Content
Your clients will experience the benefits of writing through your website content without even having to read it. A little backwards, I know, but it is true. Effective website writing will allow search engines to find your website easier and faster. This is often called SEO. Apart from that, your website content could be the most often viewed form of written communication you produce. As the social commerce wave drives business ever faster and farther, your website will likely be the first interaction your audience has with your business.

3. Emails
Emails are used to communicate with your clientele for various reasons: to promote your business, to answer their questions, advertise, send them shipping reminders, to request payment, and other reasons. It is important to use this form of writing correctly. Use proper email etiquette; be sure to reread your emails before sending them, and double check for spelling and grammatical errors. This will ensure the content in your emails sends the correct message and doesn’t offend or confuse the client.

Writing, when done well and correctly, can do amazing things for a company. It is necessary to think of your clients when creating advertisements, website content, and emails. New and returning customers can be drawn to your products and services through the writing you use to communicate to your audience. Need help with writing or copy editing services? Contact Wordszilla today!

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