Pricing and Delivery


At Wordszilla™, we don’t believe in charging an hourly rate for lengthy projects.

We will not give you an estimated price upfront and then charge more after your document is complete.

There is no additional charge if we add to your final word count. Whether you have two pages or two-hundred pages, Wordszilla will offer the same reasonable prices and professional quality.


Prices for Writing Service

Wordszilla is adept in business/technical, fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, and other forms of writing, enabling us to effectively write for many individuals. Our writing service prices* below are based by page—325 words in 12-point Times New Roman as the "standard" page size.

Service Type

1-Week (or more)




Rewriting Service





Writing Service (Full Creation)





Ghostwriter Fees

See Below

*All dollar amounts are USD and per page.

Minimum and Maximum Page Limits

24-Hour Service: 1 Page Minimum—10 Page Maximum
2-Day Service: 1 Page Minimum—20 Page Maximum
3-Day Service: 2 Page Minimum—30 Page Maximum
1-Week (or more) Service: 3 Page Minimum—No Page Limit Maximum

Please email your text for a price quotes on rewriting services so Wordszilla can verify your page count and issue a time frame for your project.

Ghostwriter Fees

Every ghostwriting project will vary in page count, time frame, and complexity. Contact us in order to discuss your particular project by filling out the form on the ‘Contact’ page and selecting “ghostwriting services” for the project type.

Writing Service Details

The full creation writing service is for individuals who need full-service writing, including concepts and research. This content will be 100% original and constructed by Wordszilla.

Our rewriting service is a wide-ranging procedure that is ideal for texts that need a boost in creativity, a new source of ideas, and a second point of view. Wordszilla will rewrite and finalize your project and add to your ideas and information, but will not fabricate your entire concept for the rewriting service.

Please note that Wordszilla will not write or rewrite any scholastic/academic projects and will only offer editing services for these clients.

Wordszilla is verified with PayPal so you can pay with any major credit card or your PayPal account.


Prices for Editing Service

Wordszilla is proficient in college subjects, business/professional, technical, fiction, and other forms of writing which enables us to edit a wide variety of documents. Our copy editing service prices* are based by page—325 words in 12-point Times New Roman is the "standard" page size.

Document Type

(or more)




Website Text/Blogs









College Essays/
Personal Statements




All Other Documents





*All dollar amounts are USD and per page.

Minimum and Maximum Page Limits

24-Hour Service: 1 Page Minimum—20 Page Maximum
2-Day Service: 1 Page Minimum—40 Page Maximum
3-Day Service: 3 Page Minimum—60 Page Maximum
1-Week (or more) Service: 5 Page Minimum—No Page Limit Maximum

After you email us your text for our editing service, Wordszilla will verify your page count and issue a time frame for your project, along with the calculated price (see pricing chart above).

Note that one page from your website doesn’t necessarily denote a full 325 words. For example, we might be able to fit the text from your home page and about us page into one “.doc” page (325 words). If we are able to fit the website copy from your 10-page website in five “.doc” pages (approximately 1,625 words), you only pay for five pages.


How to Pay

After you inform us of what service you would like to purchase (i.e., copy editing, ghostwriting, etc.), you will receive a confirmation email which will contain the project price and a payment option through a secure PayPal invoice. You do not need a PayPal account to pay the invoice from PayPal. Non-PayPal users are able to pay with any major credit card.


Only after you complete your purchase through PayPal will Wordszilla be able to begin work on your project. We will do our best to reply to you with an invoice in a timely manner on the same business day, ensuring you obtain the delivery schedule of your choice.


How to Send Text

In order to send us your project, please go to our ‘Contact’ page and fill out the form. You will have an option to attach your document.

We are able to transcribe text from images (i.e., Flash-based websites or PDF file) for a minor fee on a case by case basis. Please contact us for more information.

Example Delivery Times

The time frame for the copy editing service or writing service will start as soon as you make a purchase on any given business day during standard business hours (9:00am to 5:00pm Pacific Time).

Any purchase made before 5:00pm Pacific Time (PT) will qualify for our 24-hour service and will be delivered on the next business day by 5:00pm (PT).

Similarly, if you purchase the three-day service before 5:00pm (PT) on Monday, you will receive your completed text by 5:00pm (PT) on Thursday. Please see our ‘FAQ’ page for additional information on delivery times, hours of operation, and our procedures for copy editing and writing services.

Page Details

Every 325 words will count as a full page of text (generally a standard Microsoft Word document). Any graphics, tables, charts, logos, pictures, or anything aesthetic in nature will not be edited and will be deleted from your final document. Wordszilla is not responsible for deleted, lost, or otherwise misplaced graphics. Any information regarding the tone, audience, goal of your text, or any other helpful instructions is welcomed.

Confidentiality and Guarantee

Wordszilla will keep all customers’ documents confidential, and as such, we are not able to provide any samples of previous work. However, we do provide a free revision for any service you purchase to help ensure your satisfaction.

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